Why Should You Care?

SEASON 3: You should care because if you’ve gotten this far you love music, and so do these guys.

SEASON 2: You should care because Annie Clark is one of the few people doing new and interesting and surprising things with the electric guitar in these bleak 21st century days, and she also has really unusual and interesting ideas about music production. And even if that stuff doesn’t matter to you, her songs are a hoot!

SEASON 1: You should care because Uncle Tupelo was a hell of a band, sort of welding Hank Williams onto the Minutemen. They flowered into something beautiful and then split into two great bands, Son Volt and Wilco, both of whom flowered (on drastically different timelines) and then decayed.

Chad and Keith have spent 20 years thinking about these bands and their songs, and have a lot to say. They are also very funny gents.